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Complex reality is the result of
being unaware of simple truths.

Natural health is one simple truth. (Richard Elkins)

What is Chiropractic?

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Symptoms vs. Cause

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F. A. Q.

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Lifestyle Health Chart
Direct and Indirect causes of Muscle Imbalance

  • A balanced lifestyle is accomplished by reducing outside stresses in various forms; these stresses typically have an adverse affect on the muscular system, which in turn creates spinal subluxations (misaligned spinal joints).
  • Nerve communication between the brain and other tissues of the body are compromised resulting in many types of health problems, pain being one of them.
  • Keeping the muscles balanced by stretching will limit the frequency of spinal subluxations and or other joint misalignment.
  • The Elkins Pulse Stretching Method is a simple way to help keep the muscles balanced and also can be used as a diagnostic tool to determine when you should schedule an appointment with a Chiropractor.
  • For more information see section (26): How can I test myself to see if I may have a spinal misalignment (subluxation)?