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Health, Healing
and Chiropractic

Joints, Muscles and Nerves – in perfect Balance

What is Chiropractic?

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Symptoms vs. Cause

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F. A. Q.

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Symptom Care or Health Care?

If you are interested in resolving the true nature of your health problem, please continue reading. Pain is a response by the body to get your attention, by addressing the cause of the problem you typically eliminate the need for pharmaceutical drugs.

Over 97% of health problems are directly related to one’s lifestyle.

If your “ONLY” concern is “PAIN” management you should “STOP” reading and contact a certified pain therapist.
Many patients come to Dr. Elkins because they have pain, however once they understand what health is they become a Life Time Member.

Member Benefits

  • Special Member Website Access to Educational Information
  • Self-Diagnosis for spinal and or other joint blocks (subluxation).
  • The purpose of the Elkins Pulse Stretching Method.
  • Learn how spinal blocks (subluxations) can cause many health problems.
  • Learn how preventative healthcare is much better than symptom-based healthcare.
  • Instructional video’s
    • Disc herniations management
    • Foot care
    • Shoulder care
  • Contact Dr. Elkins for Questions 7-days a week.
  • Extremity care included in each visit ( feet, hand, knee, elbow, and shoulder)
  • Personal management of Musculoskeletal Issue
  • Video Conference on line consultation available